Custom Air Fresheners with Retail Packaging

Retail-Ready Options

All custom fresheners come with a header or backer card, ready to hang or display. Perfect for selling in-store or fundraising.

Huge Choice of Scents

72 classic and contemporary fragrances to choose from – ask for a sample. Free scent change with every 250 fresheners.

Free Custom Shapes

Printed on both sides and in any shape including fruits, trees, animals, toys, logos or mascots, die cut for you at no extra charge.

Free Shipping

Free shipping to the lower 48 states. In Alaska, Hawaii, or outside the US? Just ask for a quote.

Example Air Freshener Pricing

QuantityPrice Per PieceTotal
5000+Ask for a quoteAsk for a quote
QuantityPrice Per PieceTotal
5000+Ask for a quoteAsk for a quote

The Pricing Above Includes All This

  • Huge range of fragrances – Choose from 72 classic and contemporary scents. You can choose 1 scent per each 250 air fresheners. If you order 1000, you can pick 4. You can also have more scent changes, for an additional charge of just $25 per change, with a minimum of 25 air fresheners per scent. Check out our entire scent library.
  • Almost unlimited sizes – Your air fresheners can be made in virtually any size. The above pricing is for an air freshener that fits an area of 2.75″x4.50″, or 3.50″x3.50″ or less than 80 square centimeters total. If you need a larger size please contact us and we will help you out.
  • Shape – Any shape you want! Well, nearly any shape. If it can be cut out with die cutter you can have it. All for no additional fees! We can even add cut-outs (think doughnut shape) for an additional charge. We recommend a 2mm bleed on your artwork to accommodate up to 2mm of shifting that can occur during die cutting.
  • Stunning Colors – Full color fine art quality printing on the front and back is included. Photos, logos and detailed designs look amazing. We use CMYK printing for a wide color range. We can even match your Pantone colors for a fee of $100 per color.
  • High quality paper – Custom air fresheners are printed on white paper then glued on scented card that’s 2mm thick (.078″ or 78 points)– approximately the thickness of a nickel.
  • Free proofs by email – For you to approve before it goes to print.
  • Choice of string color – All fully custom air fresheners come looped and ready to hang with an elastic string in your choice of Black, White, Red, Gray, Light Gray, Yellow, Orange, Light Orange, Rose, Pink, Green, Blue, Light Blue, Purple, Light Purple, Brown or Khaki.
  • Individually packaged – Each freshener comes wrapped for freshness in its own high quality clear poly sleeve.
  • Long shelf life – Your fresheners will last two years or more if left unopened and kept in a cool, dry place. Once opened, it will perfume the air for up to 14 days, depending on where it is hanging. Heat, sunlight, wind & humidity call all affect how long a particular air freshener will last.
  • Free Shipping – Shipping IS included. Our prices include shipping to a single US address. Need to ship outside of the USA, let us know where and we can get you a custom quote.

Have a question you don’t see answered above? You may find the information on our packaged air freshener FAQ below, or please get in touch.

Air Freshener Uses

Insurance Companies

A perfect giveaway to thank your existing customers. They also hang around for months in a car and help you get free advertising to potential customers.

Car Dealerships

A great product to give out to folks who come in for an oil change, detail or even a test drive. We also have customers who hang them in some of the older used cars on their lots.

Car Washes

Air fresheners are a perfect way to get free advertising by selling an item your customers are already buying from you. We even have car washes using air fresheners for their loyalty program.

Trade Shows

Air fresheners are a low cost promotional product that customers keep on display to the whole world. They often keep them hanging even after the scent wears out.

Retail Ready Air Fresheners

Enjoy the sweet smell of success with our retail-ready air fresheners.

Custom cut shapes, printed to the highest quality, with a choice of over 70 gorgeous, room-filling scents! They come individually wrapped with a header card or backer card, ready to display. No assembly is needed, there are big discounts for bulk orders and free scent changes every 250 pieces.

Hundreds of businesses all over America buy their custom air fresheners from Custom Comet, for our fast, reliable service, excellent quality and great value including free, insured shipping. Plus it helps the planet as we plant a tree for every order.

If you do not need packaging, take a look at our fully custom air fresheners.

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The Most Common Packaged Air Freshener Questions

Our products are 100% custom. You should have the air fresheners in your hands within 3-4 weeks.

Unfortunately, we don’t offer rush services at this time. Our air fresheners require time for the ink to fully cure and the fragrances to be absorbed. Rushing this process leads to defective air fresheners.

Our minimum quantity for retail ready air fresheners is 100. If you need less and do not need retail packaging look at our fully custom

air fresheners, which have a minimum or 25, or our personalized air fresheners with no minimum!

Just ask and we will set it up for you. Keep in mind that pricing per freshener decreases the more you order. If you are looking for a very low quantity, you may want to go with our personalized air fresheners.

Pricing varies based on the quantity you order. In short, the more fresheners you order, the cheaper each freshener becomes. See an example pricing chart here.

Anything you want! Keep in mind that photographs will not be an exact replica due to the texture of the material used to make the fresheners. That’s not limited to our air fresheners, but to any air freshener due to the texture and dullness of the material.

We offer over 70 scents plus unscented. We include one scent choice per 250 fresheners ordered at no additional cost! You can read descriptions of our scents and see our updated scent library on our scents page.

Yes! We include one scent choice per 250 fresheners ordered at no additional cost. If you’d like more than one scent per 250 fresheners, there will be an additional cost of $20 per each additional scent you’d like to add. The minimum number of air fresheners per each scent is 25 pieces. Example: if you get 500 air fresheners and want 5 scents, the first 2 are free, and the remaining 3 are $20 each, bringing the total to $60 in extra scents.

Once you open the air freshener and remove it from its packaging, the smell will typically last up to 14 days. Under the right weather conditions, the smell can sometimes last almost a month. If the air freshener remains unopened, the scent typically has a shelf life of about two years.

Absolutely. And unlike a lot of companies, we don’t charge extra for it! We can create your custom freshener using any shape you’d like – be it one from our shape library, or one from your mind! Your design must fit a rectangle 2.75″ x 4.00″, or a square 3.25″ x 3.25″. We can do as high as 80 square centimeters total for our listed pricing. with no side longer than 14 cm. If you need a larger size please contact us and we will help you out.

Each custom air freshener comes with its string pre-attached and wrapped in an individual clear poly bag with easy tear tab. We use high quality bags that seal the scents in and are easier to open. You get your choice of header cards or backer cards. Printed in either full color on white paper, or black on kraft paper.

The paper used to make our air fresheners is 2mm thick (78 points thick also referred to as .078″). For scale, a nickel coin is 1.95mm thick.

No. We use new materials to produce our air fresheners. The paper is recyclable after it is used.

The standard hole size is 3mm. When designing your air freshener you should leave at least 2mm thickness surrounding the attachment hole. This prevents the elastic string from tearing through the paper. We can make a cutout in the design if you have special requirements, such as a donut or tire. The cutout fee is a one time $40 charge.

Nope! If you have print-ready artwork, the price you see on our site is the price you pay. There are no additional set-up fees, no extra fees for additional colors, no additional fees for custom shapes, and Free Shipping is included within the continental United States. The only time you’d pay any additional charge above the prices listed on the website is if you don’t have print-ready artwork. If you need our help creating a spectacular design for your air freshener, we charge an Art Fee of $60. This fee only applies when we’re asked to help the customer create the freshener design and will be clearly stated as such when applied.

Backer cards are more expensive than the header cards. Check out the example pricing table here. If you don’t need header or backer cards, our fully custom air fresheners come packed in individual poly bags.

Absolutely! Click a Get Started button or contact us via live chat.

Just fill out our quote form and one of our customer service staff will write you back within one business day with a free quote. If the pricing looks good we will send you a mockup of your artwork and then an invoice.

Absolutely. Please note that we cannot provide a sample of your specific custom freshener, but we’re happy to send you a random sampling of air fresheners we’ve produced in the past. You can order sample air fresheners here.

We accept all major credit cards, ACH, wire transfers and checks for payment. Credit cards are are the quickest methods of payment.  Checks can add time to your order because we do not start manufacturing until your check is cleared. Please contact us if you plan to pay by check, instead of just mailing a check to our office.

We accept checks, ach and wires. Please note, we do not start manufacturing your order until the payment is cleared. Purchase orders are accepted from approved customers. Please contact us for more information.

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Please visit our guarantee page to learn more.

Custom Comet is based in Portland, Oregon.
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