A Tree

Custom Comet Cares – Every time you place an order, we plant a tree!

We have partnered with to plant a tree every time an order is placed.

This is a great way to offset the paper used in our products, as well as counter the effects of the transportation used to ship products and the servers used to host the site.

We specifically target tree plantings in Oregon, but as we grow as as a company so will our plantings.

In the last quarter we planted 203 trees, and to date we have planted 1024 trees!

When our 1024 trees mature, they will absorb about 51,000 pounds of CO2 each year!

These trees will also produce about 256,000 pounds of pure oxygen each year!

That is enough oxygen for 51 people to breath each and every day.

Total Trees Planted
Trees Planted in the Last Quater