Air Freshener Scent Choices

Below is a list of our available scents that we maintain in stock. To ensure your satisfaction, we recommend ordering some scent samples before committing to buy. Not only is any cost applied as a credit to your order, but we can begin your artwork while you wait for your samples.

Currently, we offer one scent per 250 air fresheners in your order. Additional scents may be added for $20 each, with a minimum of 25 air fresheners per scent.

Please reach out to us with any questions you may have. Not only can we help in choosing the right scent for your project, but we can even create scents that are not listed below (this may come with an additional charge). We offer standard air fresheners and retail-ready air fresheners.

Almond Cookie

A sweet, almond cookie straight out of the oven with just a hint of vanilla.


Sweet smelling scent with just the right amount of almond, apricot and other spices.


A pleasant apple smell which reminds us of biting into an apple.

Baby Powder

A clean, light powdery scent with just a hint of floral added.


A sweet banana scent that resembles a popular candy treat.


A refreshing, masculine scent that will remind you of your favorite aftershave.


A classic citrus scent with our unique floral and spicy touch.

Black Freeze

Our take on the most popular car scent in the world. A masculine cologne fragrance with hints of citrus, lavender, and sandalwood. It has a youthful edge to it that is as cool as ice.


Sweet and potent blueberry candy smell that will invigorate a room.


An intoxicating mix of apple, caramel, cherry, and leather creates this sophisticated scent.


Imagine walking into a bakery. This is a blend of things baking. A mix of cookies, cakes and bread.

Bubble Bath

Clean, powdery scent with a floral touch that provides a relaxing experience.

Bubble Gum

Our distinct bubble gum scent will take you back to your childhood days.


Smells like the little yellow butterscotch candies that were in Grandma's candy dish.


A sweet and fruity treat.


Sweet, mild, fruity melon scent that smells fresh.


This clean, woodsy scent will remind you of a brisk fall day.


Incredibly sweet cherry candy scent.


A bittersweet chocolate fragrance with just a touch of coffee.

Christmas Tree

This light, pine scent will put you in the holiday spirit.


Like a sweet cinnamon roll fresh from the oven.

Cinnamon Candy

A candy scent that will remind you of Red Hots or cinnamon bears.


A delightful mix of citrus fruits that include orange, lemon, and lime.

Clean Laundry

A clean load of laundry with just a hint of that fresh-smelling detergent and fabric softener.


Similar to clove oil or dried cloves.


Our sweet coconut scent will remind you of a pina colada or a popular suntan oil.


A lovely mild coffee scent with just a hint of sweetness.


This scent reminds us of those gummy candies in the shape of a cola bottle.


Reminiscent of a freshly cut cucumber permeating its light, yet sweet fruity scent.

Cucumber Mint

A fresh melon scent with just a hint of mintiness.


An accurate representation of a eucalyptus plant.


A signature fragrance heavy in floral and fruity tones that remind us of designer perfume.

Flower Arrangement

A wonderful mix of floral scents that will remind you of a fresh cut bouquet.


A clean, fresh scent with hints of menthol, citrus, and pine.

Fruit Cocktail

Lovely blend of fruit smells that is both sweet and fruity.


Sweet ginger scent with a touch of citrus. Some have commented on its resemblance to Murphy's Soap.


Very sweet grape scent that is reminiscent of candy.


That refreshing scent of freshly cut grass on a lovely spring day.

Green Apple
Green Tea

Sweet, light scent of green tea with a drop of honey.

Incense & Tangerine Peel

A sweet incense scent with a musky feel and a touch of citrus added.

Japanese Squash

A fresh, clean scent with a touch of citrus. Some have described it as having a pleasant soapy smell to it.


A clean jasmine scent with a pleasant sweet, floral smell.


Clean, floral scent of lavender soap reminiscent of a day at the spa.


Masculine, powdery scent reminiscent of grandpa.


Like a freshly cut lemon with a sweet and vibrant scent.


A fresh, citrus scent with a hint of earthiness.


Strong, sweet citrus scent with heavy lime.


A sweet, tropical mango scent.


A musky outdoor smell that will take you through the forest on a fall afternoon.


Strong, masculine, cooling, minty fragrance.

Mint Chocolate

Just like mint chocolate chip ice cream or a Grasshopper Candy.

Mixed Berry

Mixed Berry is great when you want a berry scent, but cannot decide between strawberry, blueberry, or raspberry. This hits notes of all of them.

New Car

The classic new car scent with our own twist.


A pleasant, fresh and clean fragrance with a hint of floral.


This sweet citrus scent has a fresh and pleasant orange peel smell.

Party Dress

Fresh and modern perfume scent with hints of citrus, jasmine, and rose.


An earthy fragrance with a sweet hint of incense.


A sweet, candy like peach scent.


Sweet and minty, just like a candy cane or peppermint tea.


Sweet and clean, feminine scent reminiscent of floral soap.

Pina Colada

Beautiful blend of pineapple and coconut that will remind you of the popular party cocktail.


A traditional pine scent.


Sweet, fruity, tropical pineapple fragrance.

Pink Lemonade

A mix of lemon and strawberry brings you a lemon scent with some extra sweetness like a ice cold glass of lemonade.

Plum Blossom

Pleasantly sweet and floral scent with a hint of fresh laundry.


Fresh and clean, airy and sweet, pleasant and slightly floral.

Road Trip

Pleasant, masculine cologne with a refreshing twist of cedarwood and sage.


A sweet and flower rosewater scent that invigorates the senses.


Masculine scent with a hint of floral and true rosemary.


A lovely blend of wood and floral which emanates a sweet, spicy scent.

Spiced Apple

Apple mixed with cinnamon and spices. Like a cup of hot apple cider, or a warm apple pie.


A sweet candy strawberry scent.


A relaxing fragrance with a sweet, floral touch.


Unscented have no added scent. You can use them as a decoration, or even scent them yourself. We can include bags with your order, you will just need a heat or impulse sealer to seal them.


A sweet vanilla scent that smells like freshly baked cookies.


Sweet fruity scent of watermelon candy.

White Tea

A lovely, mild citrus scent that brings a sense of freshness to a room.

Ylang Ylang

A lovely floral scent with a sweet and spicy twist.

Use Your Own Custom Scent

Have you created your own custom fragrance that you would like to use? Look no further.

We offer an unscented option which allows you to use your own scent. We will even include our high-quality poly seal bags and any header or backer cards you would like included in your order. You would simply need an impulse sealer which can be purchased for around $20 from many online stores. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have on this process.

Why Choose Custom Comet?