8 Businesses That Can Benefit From Custom Air Fresheners


A fun logo turned into a nice air freshener for Lightning Clean car wash.

The auto air freshener has been a part of our culture since Magic Tree invented them in 1952. Dangling from the rearview mirror, they are not just a way to add a pleasant fragrance but also a way for people to express themselves.


Air fresheners make a terrific promotional product for businesses. Not only is it something potential customers will use, but it becomes something they will see every time they hop in their vehicle. Below are some of the businesses that can utilize these custom items to draw attention to their brand.

Car Washes

Nothing beats a freshly cleaned car, and your clients will appreciate being welcomed back inside their vehicle to a lovely fragrance. Perfect if your crew is doing an interior cleaning. Air fresheners drive return customers by having your brand literally in front of them when they are in the car. You can bet that your business will be first on their mind when it is time for a wash.


It can be tough to get your artwork out to prospective buyers. Whether you’re promoting your graphic design business or a tattoo artist looking for new clients. But putting some of your artwork on an air freshener is a great way to garner attention. Not only are you showing off your artwork, but you’re adding something that will stand out in a car.


An artist turned their detailed illustration into a high quality air freshener that they can sell in their online store.

Charitable organizations have been using all sorts of swag to keep their cause in front of potential donors. Whether it is through a ribbon or t-shirt, marketing a charitable cause is a constant effort. An air freshener can make that easier. Every time they step in the car, they’ll see your cause. This works especially well if you are promoting issues that relate to safer driving.

Auto Dealerships

After selling a car, you want to keep your service center in your customer’s minds. Toss a custom air freshener with your dealership logo and contact information on the back to remind them who to call when they need that first oil change.


Let’s face it, bumper stickers have gone out of style. Who wants to deal with peeling those off a beautiful paint job after the election (especially if you’re on the losing side)? That’s why an air freshener is a better solution. People looking in the vehicle can get a glimpse of which candidate they support—a fun, cost-effective option for your supporters.

Repair Shops

A high school used their mascot and turned it into a fundraiser for one of the teams at the school.

You’ve been using that tiny sticker on the windshield to remind customers when they’re due for an oil change. Why not make that an air freshener that they can get some use out of?


An air freshener makes a great product to sell to supporters when fundraising. Perfect for schools, clubs, and youth sports teams. You can even incorporate a sponsorship to offset the costs. We can also put air fresheners in retail packaging for you. Please read our guide to fundraising with air fresheners to find out more.

Real Estate Agents

The name of the game is getting your name out there to potential buyers and sellers. Business cards can be forgotten in an era when things have moved digital. So what about leaving some custom air fresheners with your information at the door of the open house? Perfect if potential buyers are driving to the home.

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