Custom Printed Matchbooks

If you’re looking to order custom matchbooks in bulk, we’ll be providing them soon!

Customized matchbooks are most often used by bars, restaurants, hotels and other service related businesses as a complimentary offering to their customers. They’re also a relevant promotional giveaway for smoke shops, candle shops, and fireworks vendors – giving your customers a promotional gift directly tied to the use of your products!

Our custom printed matchbooks will include 20-stem and 30-stem traditional and boxed matches. You can customize the imprint on the exterior of the box, as well as the color of the match tips on the matches themselves.

With a wide variety of color combinations available, you’ll be sure to find something that will match your brand. You can keep it simple by printing them with your basic logo, print custom advertising messages on them – or a combination of the two!

Whatever the reason you’re looking for custom matches – we’ll be offering them soon. Subscribe to our newsletter to be notified once we’ve added them to our product line!