Air Freshener

Customized air fresheners from Custom Comet can create a unique fundraising opportunity. The low price point and numerous customization options makes this a safe investment with the potential to bring in big sales.

Below are some ways custom air fresheners can raise money for your cause.

Standard Fundraiser

Design and purchase your custom fresheners at our whole pricing points. Then sell those items to your supporters with a markup. Air fresheners make terrific impulse buys due to their low price.

Example: A high school club is looking to earn money for an upcoming trip. They create air fresheners with a design that appeals to students and parents. The air fresheners are sold to these people at a markup to earn money for their trip. Not only do air fresheners work great in cars, but also a locker.

Co-Op Fundraiser

This method involves a sponsor to help cover some or all of the costs associated with producing the air fresheners. Your organization puts your logo on the front and the sponsor gets their advertisement on the back. The sponsor fee covers the cost of the air fresheners, and the overage is profit for your organization to keep. Co-op fundraising with air fresheners can allow you to pull in income from the sponsorship – without any upfront cost to produce the air fresheners.

Example #1: A high school puts their spirit logo and message on the front and their sponsor’s message on the back. They charge the sponsor double the price you pay to produce the air fresheners. Your fundraising team then gives the fresheners away to your supporter base, providing advertising for your sponsor, earning funds from the sponsorship, all without asking your supporters to purchase anything.

Example #2: A high school puts their spirit logo on the front and their sponsor’s message on the back. They charge their sponsor a fee that – at minimum – covers the cost of producing the custom air fresheners. You then sell the fresheners to your supporter base at a minimal markup. Your initial costs are covered by your sponsor – potentially with some extra from the sponsorship to keep – and your sales of the fresheners themselves are pure profit.

Upsell Fundraising for School Spirit Stores

Create custom air fresheners with your school logo and include them as a “free gift” for purchases over a certain amount. You could find that .40 spent on an air freshener translates to people increasing their order size and buying an extra item to meet the free gift threshold. Even though it’s a small gift, people tend to love “free.” This method can also work well for any leftover fresheners that might not be sold during a standard fundraiser or as means to disperse fresheners from co-op fundraisers – at a profit – via upsells.

How fundraising with air fresheners works

  1. You provide us with your print-ready artwork. Choose everything from the scents, shapes, and packaging. We can add a $50 Art Fee to your order to design your custom freshener for you.
  2. We provide you with a digital proof and collect payment once you’ve approved it.
  3. We manufacture your custom air fresheners and ship them to you free of charge.
  4. You decide on a price point if you’re selling your fresheners vs. using a co-op or upsell fundraising method.
  5. You sell your air fresheners or disperse them to your supporter base – depending on your fundraising method.
  6. Your organization keeps the difference between the cost of the custom fresheners and the sales or sponsorships resulting from them.

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Example of a custom air freshener made for a high school fundraiser