Premium Drink Sleeves

Our top of the range coffee sleeve is so good you can print a full color photograph. They really are the nicest coffee sleeves we have ever seen. Hands down. All the tiny details come out crisp and sharp.

Printed with professional presses onto an exclusive patented sleeve, these are perfect for when you want to project an upscale image or have a complex or vibrant design that cannot be reproduced on a regular coffee sleeve. We can even print the look of kraft paper to allow designs never before possible on a kraft paper sleeve!

The paper is an exceptionally fine 24 point, clay coated paper for excellent color reproduction. Printing is done on professional 4 color printing presses run by a family owned firm. The owner is a 2nd generation printer and the quality shows.

Not only are these sleeves high quality, but they’re environmentally responsible too. They are made of 100% recycled paper, printed with soy based inks and 100% recyclable & compostable.

They fit 10 to 20 ounce cups. If you want to see the quality first hand and make sure the sleeves fit your cups please order samples here. Since they take so much work to setup and print we only sell them by the case, 1250 pieces. You can order any number of cases from one to multiple pallets. If you need a smaller quantity, look to our custom sleeves where the quality is a bit lower, but you can order as few as 100 pieces.

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